Baleen Kitchen with an ocean view at sunset.

Eat Local. Think Global.

BALEENkitchen - Sunny Isles Miami Restaurant

BALEENkitchen at Sole is the third iteration of the Noble House restaurant brand; a brand known for serving up eclectic menus within impactful interiors inspired by an international sense of adventure. This journey through global cuisines was inspired by our namesake, the Baleen whale, known as the planet’s ever-moving, majestic migrator who travels through international waters feasting throughout the arctic, the tropics, and everywhere in between. BALEENkitchen brings this nomadic lifestyle to the table with a menu that celebrates the flavors of the world and design reflecting the same.

BALEENkitchen takes on dishes highlighting the land and nearby-sea are fused with exotic flavors and local produce, further paired with a robust list of craft cocktails and an extensive list of exotic takes on the classic Moscow Mule. Guests are invited to get swept away in enchanting interiors and ocean views via floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor dining terraces looking upon Sunny Isles stretching beaches. Global from the ground up, interior design firm Dupoux Design pulled inspiration from the nearby Caribbean islands’ elegant European identity and layered in hints of maritime influence and neo-Victorian architecture typically found dotting the eastern coastline.

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  • Breakfast: 7am-11am
  • Brunch: Saturday & Sunday
    11am - 3pm
  • Lunch: 11am-4pm
  • Dinner: 6pm-10pm

Or Call: 786-923-9305

Dining room seating at BALEENkitchen.
Private table at BALEENkitchen.
Fancy seating at BALEENkitchen.
Dining on the beach at sunset.
Gourmet pizza made at BALEENkitchen.
Tacos made at BALEENkitchen in Sunny Isles Beach.
Steak plate served at BALEENkitchen.
Grilled fish on a bed of veggies at BALEENkitchen. Chef Matthew Richman wearing a chef coat.

Chef Matthew Richman

Executive Chef Matthew Richman returned to South Florida to join BaleenKitchen, having worked in Coral Gables earlier in his career. A La Jolla native, Richman ripened as a chef in Southern California––where the Mediterranean, Latin and farm-fresh directions of cooking are symbiotic with those of South Florida. After graduating from La Jolla Country Day School, Richman attended culinary school in San Francisco, where he honed his skills in many of the city’s fine restaurants. Recently, he was chef and co-owner, with his father, of the “casual-upscale” Table 926 in North Pacific Beach, near his home town. Chef Richman has once again traded coasts to work here in Florida, where he’s in his element surrounded by sun-ripened produce, plentiful purveyors, and a nearby ocean abundant with fresh seafood.